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Playing Mega Millions is actually very easy! You can fill in your numbers right on our website.

Mega Millions is an American lottery that started out in 1996 under the name “The Big Game”. This game was introduced in 44 of 50 American states and featured enormous, perfect score minimum jackpots of 15 million dollars. This total increases at each consecutive draw as long as there’s no one with a full set of winning numbers (5 balls plus Mega Ball). This game is similar to our lotto: 2 baskets, one containing 75 “white” balls and the other with 15 “Mega Balls”, both being constantly mixed by a rotor and drawn one by one without being removed from the basket. Five balls and one ball, respectively, are drawn. As of today, the largest jackpot came up to a sum of 656 million dollars and was drawn on March 30, 2016.

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How does Mega Millions lottery work?

Like the American lottery PowerBall, the Mega Millions lottery is an American multi-state lottery. It is in some ways a rival of PowerBall, and it is in part due to this rivalry that the chances of winning the latter were recently diminished, allowing it to become the #1 lottery in the world. The Mega Millions lottery is thus, as one may expect, similar in several key factors:

First of all, the player has to choose a total of 5 numbers ranging from 1 to 75 on each grid as well an additional number ranging from 1 to 15, known as the MegaBall: the ball that can perhaps change your life. As often happens with this kind of lottery, there are two different machines that are used for the draw: the first for the first 5 numbers and the second for the MegaBall.

In addition to picking these 6 numbers on the grid, players can also select additional options such as the Megaplier, an option allowing players to multiply their winnings by 2, 3, 4, or 5, which does not apply to tier 1 wins. Draws take place twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays (just like the European EuroMillions) and the minimum jackpot is $15,000,000.

What is the cut-off time for Mega Millions?

Owing to the logistics put in place by our team so that our agents can register all tickets filled in by our players, the cut-off time for picking your numbers on our site depends on the size of the jackpot. In fact, whenever the American Mega Millions lottery has an exceptional draw, it’s very likely that a lot of people will want to participate.

That’s why the only thing we can suggest is to register your numbers as quickly as possible if you want to participate in a draw! Regardless, the Mega Millions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday at around 11pm EST − that’s around 5am in France!

Who can play Mega Millions online?

The only players who can’t buy their ticket for the Mega Millions lottery online are American residents! As a matter of fact, it is against the law for an operator to compete with official vendors on American soil; for everyone else, if you’re not an American resident and are located in any other part of the world, you can get your tickets for this lottery directly on our website, pending agent availability!

What are the odds of this game?

The odds of pocketing a tier 1 jackpot are 1 in 258,890,850.
A second level win (1 million dollar prize) is 1 in 18,492,204.

Mega Millions winnings chart:

Numéros Mega Ball Gains Chance
5 1 Jackpot 1:258,890,850
5 0 1.000.000$ 1:18,492,204
4 1 5.000$ 1:739,688
4 0 500$ 1:52,835
3 1 50$ 1:10,720
3 0 5$ 1:766
2 1 5$ 1:473
1 1 2$ 1:56
0 1 1$ 1:21

Background on Mega Millions

In order to play, you need to pay $1 for a basic grid; you choose 5 numbers among 75 and then the “MegaBall” number (lucky number) among 15. You can also play with a multiplier, the “Megaplier”; the grid costs $2 but if you win (except for tier 1), your win will be multiplied 2, 3, 4, even 5 times! Draws take place every Thursday and Friday at 11pm EST, or 5am in France. If you get 5 white balls without the MegaBall, you walk away with one million dollars. Put more simply, it’s the Lotto, but with more balls in the baskets. You can play online on our website; one of our on-site agents will purchase your ticket on your behalf. Then, you’ll receive a scan of your ticket in your online account. You have 60 days to declare your prize; after that, Mega Millions can refuse to reimburse you.

The tier 1 Mega Millions win is made possible through annual instalments over 30 years; every year, you’re paid an amount that goes up by 5% annually. For example, if you receive $1000 the first year, you’ll get $1050 the following year. You can also choose cash payment, where approx. 50-60% of the “cash prize” total is given to you at once (the fees are not specified); for example, for a total jackpot of 100 million dollars, you will “only” receive between 50-60 million. If you win, it will be immediately paid in to your online account.

Mega Millions 119 Millions $
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